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Anonymous968: hii dudez
Anonymous970: hi
Anonymous971: Hii
Anonymous973: Hii
Anonymous973: heloo
Anonymous975: hii
Anonymous980: hey
Anonymous980: who's there?
Anonymous986: hello
Anonymous986: Anyone want to help me get fluent in ASL?
Anonymous986: hello
Anonymous988: hi
Anonymous988: male 25
Anonymous995: hi beby
Anonymous995: hi bebywhy-thank-you
Anonymous997: hello
Anonymous1009: heeey
Anonymous1009: skype
Anonymous1011: hey
Anonymous1015: hi
Anonymous1018: hi
Anonymous1019: hi
Anonymous1021: hi
Anonymous1026: hi
Anonymous1028: hello friend
Anonymous1037: Hello to any girl
Anonymous1038: hi
Anonymous1051: hi
Anonymous1051: Is there any ASL learners in here?
Anonymous1052: hi 19 M

Chat rooms here are currently open to the public. There are no moderators at this time, so use at your own risk. There are rules to using this open chat room system. Private messages and offline chats (user to user private messages) are only available to registered members.

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